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Charlie Gresham Stewart

"I just fall in love again, just one touch and then it happens every time..."

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Name:Charlie Gresham Stewart
Birthdate:Nov 27

- fall in love again -

Charlie Gresham Stewart (born Charlie Gresham) was born in Jacksonville, Florida, third of seven kids, with an older brother and sister, and three younger sisters. He was always fun loving and playful, but had a very serious side which led to his making exceptional grades in school and being accepted to Florida State University with a full ride (a huge benefit in a family with several more kids waiting in the wings for college). He majored in English Education, and became a teacher in his hometown of Jacksonville.

Charlie had always been pretty comfortable with the knowledge that he was gay, and he dated throughout high school. In college, he met Drew Jones, a guy he firmly believed to be the love of his life, but when Drew cheated on him with the faculty adviser of the campus's gay pride organization, a professor nearly 15 years their senior, Charlie was absolutely crushed, and poured himself more firmly into his studies. However, with the awesome example of his parents, who were still together and very much in love after nearly 30 years of marriage, Charlie never gave up hope that he would find someone he could love for the rest of his life.

It was during his first year of teaching that Charlie and all of his siblings made the trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The family of redheads (very much giving the Weasleys a run for their money) were all in the hotel bar having a drink and watching some of the Olympic highlights from the day on the TV. Olympic Ice Skater, Parker Stewart came in with a couple of his team mates and caught Charlie's eye across the bar. Charlie had recognized him immediately, after having perved on him during his qualifying rounds a couple of days before, and got flustered when Parker made eye contact. But Parker just flashed him a smile and Charlie plucked up the courage to buy him a drink, when youngest sister, Rose, was almost bruising him from hitting him in the arm getting him to go over and get Parker's autograph for her.

Parker was an easygoing guy, very friendly, loved to chat to anyone and always very willing to mingle with fans, take photos or give autographs. It was part of his charm and why he had such a large fan-following. He didn't just give autographs to Rose, he gave them to Charlie's whole family, and took photos with all of them too. But when Charlie's family left to go to bed, Parker and Charlie remained in the bar and spent hours chatting. Nothing happened at that point, but Charlie casually suggested they could maybe get another drink before the Olympics were over. As a bit of fun, Parker promised that if he won a medal two days later when he was competing, Charlie could meet him back there at the bar for a congratulatory kiss.

Charlie, of course, just thought he was joking around because Parker issued the promise with a wink. He was a favourite for winning a medal, though, and when he did score silver, Charlie laughed it off, thinking he would never see Parker in person again, as much fun as their long chats were. But true to his promise, that night, Parker showed back up at the bar for Charlie to make good on his kiss. It didn't stop at a kiss. They went back to Parker's room and slept together, and Parker promised to go to Florida to visit once all his celebratory obligations back in Denver were said and done, which would be a big thing because Parker was moving to New York to live closer to his sisters, not both relocated there for work. And he did. He went to Florida and stayed with the Greshams, and during his visit, they started dating.

But by that point, Parker's mind was already starting to focus on getting Gold in Russia in 2014. He had a big four years ahead of him, and with Charlie not long into his first teaching job in Florida, they decided on a long-distance relationship to see how it worked out. It actually worked out fantastically. Parker's family had always been well off, but now he had a fortune in his own right from sponsorships and being an two time Olympic medallist. If he couldn't fly out to Florida, he would pay for Charlie to fly to New York on his school breaks or weekends, which worked for Charlie because three of his four sisters were there (Rose, Maggie and his eldest sibling, Julie) so he could kill two birds with one stone.

When gay marriage was legalized in New York in the middle of 2011, it was Parker who proposed to Charlie, and they were one of the first gay couples in the city to legally tie the knot. Parker sold the exclusive rights to his first marriage photos to a popular lifestyle magazine and all the royalties went to LGBT charities. Their relationship was still predominantly long-distance for the next few years, with Parker hard-driven and focused on scoring Gold in 2014. Everything in him was sunk into that drive and in Russia, he didn't just win one Gold, but two.

It was after his win that he decided to take a break to focus on his marriage and new job mentoring child ice skaters who were aiming for the Olympics themselves. Charlie got a new teaching job in New York, and they now live together in a gorgeous loft apartment in SoHo, where Charlie is extremely grateful to finally have his beautiful husband home with him on a regular basis.

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